Eyecatching Nature

While building hotel & resort, one thing which never slipped our mind was to maintain the beauty of nature and have such a premises that will make people fall in love with the environment. So, away from the pollution, crowd, traffic and horns honking of the cities, we have developed it. In a highly sprawling space, our premises has been built. Apart from the built up area, there is a huge space, which has been left for the nature. In the open space of our hotel & resort, there is a variety of flowers and several other naturally beautiful plants as well as trees.

The soothing air which remains in the environment of our premises, makes people breathe fresh air and feel good. Our hotel & resort catch the attention of people with many other nature’s blessings such as beautiful varieties of birds that one can find sitting on the branches of trees & balconies of rooms. Furthermore, there is no comparison of the night view which guests experience during their stay in our premises. Sitting or having a walk under the stars cover velvety sky in the dim beautiful light of moon is something, guests love to experience during their time in our premises.