About Aranyak Resorts

When a day starts in a good way, it ends even in a better way. Considering this thought in mind, we have designed our resort, each room of which offers beautiful view of the surroundings. While developing the resort, we have paid high attention to ensure that trees are not cut and immense greenery is maintained. To enhance the view of rooms in our premises, we have grown and kept many beautiful plants. Further, the little focus which we paid and maintained facilities like under the sky sitting area to enjoy the beauty of nature while sipping your morning brewers adds on to the memories of visitors.

Our resort looks blessed in the day light but the beauty does not diminishes down with the sunset. Rather, under the dim lighting of night hours, it looks even more pleasing. Walking on the tracks of our resort under the twinkling stars gives a unique experience. Further, the resort has many rooms that give swimming pool view. We regularly pay attention on cleanliness and beautification of our premises as what looks good not just pleases eyes but heart too.

Elegant Wall Decor

Pleasing eyes and cheering up the moods, wall decor of our premises effortlessly give a wonderful experience to the guests. The art work done on the walls grab the eye-balls and make people fall in love with their beauty. Considering several art forms, painting styles and techniques, wall décor in our hotel & resort has been done. Apart from enhancing the beauty, our elusive wall décor provides an impeccable background for capturing photographs.

An Ideal Space

On many acres of land is sprawling our premises, where we have maintained impressive facilities for luxury and comfort of guests. The space with its perfect architectural planning and well-built facilities become ideal for guests to spend leisure time and have memorable experience for lifetime.

Modern Amenities

We understand that vacations should be restful and enjoyable. To deliver such experience to guests of our hotel & resort, we have invested on maintaining several modern amenities for them. From modern bright lights to air conditioner, hot water geysers, telephones on bedside, secure Wi-Fi and televisions, we have maintained all the things that contribute towards giving comfort to guests.

Swim Around Hassle Freely

Rejuvenate you mind and body, stepping down in the clean and fresh water of our swimming pool. In our resort, we have maintained a spacious pool, water of which is regularly cleaned and changed. The pool is accessible to all the guests for giving a relaxing swim experience.

Reconnect With Nature

There’s nothing as beautiful in the world as the beauty of nature. No sky height buildings and modern spaces can be compared with the beauty of mother earth. Our resort is located in truly a nature’s blessed place, where the chirping of birds, clean air and soothing breeze hugs the guests and make them fall in love with the nature, again and again.

Professional Services

Your time is our treasure, we work with the zeal to make it lovable for you and your dear ones. And we make time special by providing our professional services. We have a specialized team, which ensures about maintaining cleanliness in the rooms & the entire resort premises. Our professional approach services including for laundering clothes, travel assistance, etc. delight customers.